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Welcome to Glycine Vintage Watches Website.

I,myself as a Glycine aficionado had difficulties in finding information related to vintage Glycine watches. After a year of deep search from family trees and patent institutes,reliable web information and printed documents, I finally had a solid archive to locate my own timepieces where they belong and what they are.

I enjoyed the journey in this data collecting process and decided to share my joy with all enthusiasts by building this website.

Glycine Watches SA in Bienne had some unfortunate times when a flood destroyed their archives; some limited data is available from the company regarding their older timepieces.This unofficial website is aiming to shed light on some lesser known models and periods of this Swiss watchmaking company and its products.Glycintennial has reliable data source based on documents.

I would like to thank Mr.Stephan Lack,CEO of Glycine Watches SA,for his patience and time he took to reply my emails and information exchange.I also was lucky to conduct an interview with him in behalf of Glycine fans.He sincerely gave a lot of information for the past and recent performance and vision of Glycine Watches.Credit also goes to the Glycine Facebook fan page admin for maintaining the online Glycine community.Mr. Airman!! Andre Stikkers for his archive and studies for the legendary Glycine Airman.The members and moderators at the world’s most visited watch forum WUS and its creator Ernie Romers. Roland Ranfft,for his in depth investigation and service in the early Glycine EMSA automatic module.

I believe that information is more valuable once it's shared.Therefore I built this website.The name 'Glycintennial' came into my mind for the 100th year anniversary which will be was in 2014.

All information published here is limited to my knowledge.If you refer to my archives,you accept that this is an unofficial website,a personal accomplishment from my side.If you have or find different information than you see here, please let me know,I will be happy to add or correct it.I publish here only the information what is certain and documented.

Unfortunately the web is kind of perpetual system, during the swing,additions or misinformation are added to facts.Not all information found is reliable.The solid reference would be publications from its times and reference books or official information from the brand-mark holders.I believe that,this site has the largest archive and information regarding the vintage watches of the brand Glycine and Eugène Meylan.

If we define watch collecting in vertical depth so as thematic,brand-oriented or from a special aspect,I consider myself as a collector who has some dozens of Glycine watches and still expanding.Apart from timepieces some important printed documentation from related era so as books,booklets,pamphlets and library scans are the source of this website.As seen in the 'Collection' page,I covered a timeline from the 1920s to the 2000s with Glycine watch models.I hope you will enjoy browsing and reading through the pages of my website.

I value your feedback,please let me know your comments,ideas and suggestions via or send me a pm through WUS, member nick: Emre.

Thank you, best wishes,

Emre Kiris

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