- CH314050 from 1953, registering the famous 24 hours bezel which we see first in the legendary Glycine 'Airman' and 'The Chief' line. This bezel became famous in GMT watches and is still being used by many other brands with GMT complication. Registered by then President of Glycine watches Charles Hertig Evilard ( 8 Jun 1908 - 10 Nov 1965.Ref Bieler Chronik-Walter Roth ) and the Sales Manager Hans Werner Samuel Glur. This patent includes two figures. First is the 24 hour bezel and the second one is the crown which is locking the bezel. There is an US patent from Sicura Watches from the 70s which also refers to this patent for the crown - bezel locking system. This invention is used also within other brands.

- CH538135 from 1973, registering kind of stem related function in the movement, invented by Denis Maillard of Fabrique d'Horlogerie Glycine & Altus SA.

- CH77684  from 1917, registering a buckle for wrist-watch strap. This buckle was adjusting the length of straps and was estimable for its time. Sandoz Fils & Co as its representative of the L'Agrafe Glycine was aggressively promoting and advertising it in the chronicles. Obviously it was valued by La Glycine, therefore has also patents registered in Denmark DK25397C(1919), France FR494919A(1919),Germany DE337821C(1919) and Austria AT84063B(1920).

The Ad from 1918:

- CH143069A  from 1930, registering baguette form of wrist-watch movement.

- CH313813 from 1953, registering the compressor case by Ervin Piquerez,Bassecourt. This patent can be seen on the Glycine Compressor Automatic watches. Not invented but used by Glycine. The Glycine Compressor line is using this invention in the '70s with that era's distinguished cases. Piquerez was a popular address for watch casing in that era,which also Glycine was working with

- CH149137 and  CH149138 filed in 1930 and registered in 1931, the famous automatic module by Eugene Meylan, La Chaux de Fonds. The same inventions are transferred to Automatic EMSA company by Eugene Meylan with different patent numbers:CH157572 (1931) and CH157573 (1931).

This module was capable to be mounted on 8,75 lignes hand wind calibers and turn them into bumper automatic wristwatches.The first example of these bumpers have some patent appl.numbers on it which are not registered. Maybe the announcement and the prototype watch was manufactured while applied for the patent and later plans have changed.

The announcement of the patents with 5 digits are above, the watch can be seen also in the collection page with these numbers on it. Until I found it, I thought that its one of the unrelated patent numbers presentation on vintage watches which was a popular marketing trick in 1930's. The US patents mentioned on the module do not match also, I guess it was applied-filed but not registered due to the economic crisis in late '30s in the United States.

Patents by Glycine:

Since its creation in 1914, Glycine Watches SA is committed to excellence and accomplished several inventions which are still being used in the Watch Industry.
The abbreviation 'CH' indicates the Swiss Patent. For Swiss and European patent search, please visit:

- CH355742 from 1961, registering the Vacuum cases which were used also by Glycine. Examples can be seen in the archive.This patent is not invented by Glycine but used in the timepieces. It's registered by Hans Ulrich Klingenberg. The Vacumatic line was registered in 1961 for these timepieces by Glycine and we see the use of this invention in the '60s by Glycine Vacuum watches. I've seen so far 4 different case types,examples can be seen in the 'Collection' page.

The conflict patent application of CH77878 and CH77588.

- CH159200 from 1932, registering a fold lever crown. The fold lever is functioning as a crown and is also locking the 2 pieces case to each other once fold in. An example can be seen in my archive. I am fortunate to have one cased in 14K gold.

- CH323980, registering the 'sweeping seconds hack' by Georges Godat.This unique invention is used only by Glycine even though it's not patented on the company name.It has been applied in March 1955 and registered in Aug 1957. This patent also helps us to date the very first Glycine Airman. Any Airman casing Felsa 692 having no hack mechanism would have been manufactured before March 1955.

- CH148534 from 1931, registering dial window for jump hour, minute and seconds watches. Unfortunately I have neither seen nor I am owning yet one of these timepieces by Glycine. Several diagonal case jump hour watches from the '30s are available in the second hand market but they are not signed by Glycine.
If you own one by Glycine or Eugene Meylan,send me some images I would love to display it in my website.