Maybe one day we'll see again manufacture movements by Glycine.Since it is an independent watch making company it has some advantages and disadvantages. But if it could be done 100 years ago, why not now?

The logo of the ebauche factory of Fabrique d'horlogerie 'La Glycine'. Also the abbreviation 'LG' is the manufacture movements mark

The calibers displayed below have the model numbers.This chart is the complete manufacture movements list just before it's being aquired by Super Holding.


Glycine dial marks and approximate manufacture dates ( limited to my collection and knowledge):

The related advertisement from 1923,the chronometer grade movement with some other ebauches of La Glycine.

Manufacture Movements: 1924 - 1942:                                             

Glycine Calibers & Airman Serial Numbers:

Glycine Watches S.A. was manufacturing its own movements and sourcing them also for Bulova (cal 50) and A.LeCoultre (cal 18) timepieces. Unfortunately this in-house calibers era lasted in 1942 when ASUAG aquired Glycine's ebauche division. From 1942 and onwards we see more A.Schild, ETA, FHF and Felsa Calibers in Glycine watches.

However the Bienne - Geneve models,which started to be manufactured from 1924 and onwards ( due to the register of 'BXP' American import code ) and some models from the 1950s still have the in-house calibers so as Glycine 72 and Glycine 80. I believe they were stock movements or still being produced within ASUAG. In the chart further below are the Glycine movements and model numbers including the Glycine Eugene Meylan Automatic Module.

I've prepared the below chart for approximate manufacture year according to the serial numbers for vintage Glycine Airman watches. Specifications changing within time are coded with numbers and letters. Mind that these records are from my personal archives and imperfections may occur.For exact manufacture date of your vintage Glycine watches contact Glycine Heritage department :

Use of this chart is permitted only with reference to my website.

Glycine Airman Serial Numbers Chart :

Glycine Models from 1970s and their related model references:

The booklet from Glycine models produced in the 1970s.I can say that '70s and '80s are the darkest spot in Glycine History - source and documents wise.

The below scans show the models and the case back numbers.Also the prices are mentioned in the most below one.

Below is another reference from Marshall's Handy Manual.First image is from 1947 and the second one from 1966 editions.As seen the 3 digits calibers are surfacing.Later models - after ASUAG joint, some movements are based on ETA, Felsa or AM ( Adolph Michel ) calibers and we see less Glycine manufacture movements than pre-1942.